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Unique Prints by Swedish photographer Göran Liljeberg | Ceromasia rubrifrons

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LILJEBERGS INSECT PRINTS - Ceromasia rubrifrons

These exquisite images of some of nature's most intricate and fascinating creatures are sure to create a stunning talking point in your home or office. From the delicate beauty of the butterfly's wings, to the functional sheen on the armour of the dung beetle and the fascinating compound eye of the bee, Goran Liljeberg's passion for capturing the essence of insects oozes out of every carefully constructed shot. With a huge range of insects to choose from, this collection of timeless prints can also be tailored to your tastes to create a bespoke original piece.

Background selection

Once you have decided on your image, you can then choose from two versions of each print. The default white background provides a stunning contrast to the detailed image and creates a timeless, elegant effect. Alternatively, you can choose a tinted background, offering you a variety of colours and endless possibilities. Opt for a stylish black to give your print a sassy, modern edge or play with bright yellows and vivid greens to inject a sense of fun into your composition. With a coloured background, each image will have a white border, providing a smooth, soft contrast. Additionally, prints with coloured backgrounds will come with the scientific name of the species printed underneath the picture.

High quality, carefully crafted prints

From the composition of the photographs to the paper on which they are printed, excellence, high quality and meticulous attention to detail are central to all Liljebergs prints.

"I photograph and print everything in my own studio, using the very best high-end inkjet printers. My images are printed on a matte 200gsm quality paper, which is fade-resistant and offers an exceptional, high-resolution finish. Each print I produce I would happily display in my own home: this is about as far from mass offset printing as you can imagine!"

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