Edible Mole Crickets 5g
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Edible Mole Crickets 5g Edible Mole Crickets 5g Edible Mole Crickets 5g

Edible Mole Crickets 5g

£ 5.75

Cricket and moles? Bad for pitches; great for taste! Isn’t it an unlikely combination? Well, not really because these are actually gloriously edible Mole Crickets. These critters provide a truly tasty one-bite snack and are absolutely packed with healthy proteins, useful fibres and the kind of fats that people actually approve of! Each one is usually between 3 and 5cms in length – you’ve probably never seen one before because they are both nocturnal and underground tunnel-dwellers. They even have a range of different appearances, making for what should prove to be a seriously interesting conversation starting snack bowl at your next party. Our Gryllotalpidae, as they would be called if they had to have passports, arrive in convenient 5g packs for only £5.75 each. Inside you’ll find a variety of Edible Mole Crickets, simply seasoned with a touch of salt, and completely ready for you to eat whole. Order yours now.

Ingredients: Dehydrated insects  Net Wt. 5g e

Allergies: Insects are closely related to shellfish, if you have a crustacean allergy you may be allergic to this product. Packed in a factory that handles nuts.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. For best quality, once opened consume immediately. (Contains one moisture absorber and one oxygen absorber for freshness which are not to be consumed).

Farmed in Thailand.

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