Edible Giant Water Bugs 10g
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Edible Giant Water Bugs 10g Edible Giant Water Bugs 10g

Edible Giant Water Bugs 10g

£ 9.99

Edible giant water bugs It’s okay - you don’t need to watch your toes! When alive, these Belostomatidae, as they prefer to be known, are also called toe-biters, and electric light bugs where they are found throughout The Americas, Asia and the north of Australia. They mainly inhabit freshwater areas, and are a hugely popular foodstuff in Thailand and elsewhere. As you’d guess by the name, they are quite large for a bug, and do provide a properly succulent mouthful. Our Giant Water Bugs are carefully collected, and then thoroughly boiled. Next, they are dehydrated and then gently seasoned with salt. Once this is done, each is ready to be enjoyed as a snack when you watch a favourite movie, perhaps to provide a bowlful of fun at your next barbecue or party – or any other way you wish. Maybe you'd like to munch on Giant Water Bugs when relaxing in the bath? However you choose to enjoy them, they are available in whopping 10g packs for just £7.99. Try some today...

Ingredients: Dehydrated insects  Net Wt. 10g e

Allergies: Insects are closely related to shellfish, if you have a crustacean allergy you may be allergic to this product. Packed in a factory that handles nuts.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. For best quality, once opened consume immediately. (Contains one moisture absorber and one oxygen absorber for freshness which are not to be consumed).

Farmed in Thailand.

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