Edible Giant Grasshoppers 5g
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Edible Giant Grasshoppers 5g Edible Giant Grasshoppers 5g Edible Giant Grasshoppers 5g Edible Giant Grasshoppers 5g

Edible Giant Grasshoppers 5g

£ 5.75

Enjoy the striking taste of these edible giant grasshoppers In the legendary TV series from the 1970s, the hero Grasshopper was a creature of great wisdom and much power. Of course, we are not saying you will gain these characteristics from munching on our tasty and specially farm raised giant grasshoppers, but we do know for sure that they are absolutely packed with both protein and fibre and have the extra benefit of being extremely low in fat. These tasty treats have been carefully and hygienically prepared and are completely ready to eat. Simply remove the spiny legs and enjoy the body in a single munch. If you are brave enough, like many folk around the world, at last you too can discover the satisfying and crunchy taste in this superb example of healthy eating. Just two simple ingredients in your box – giant grasshoppers and a little salt – and a superb value price of just £5.75 means you can soon be enjoying this tasty treat by ordering right now.

Ingredients: Dehydrated insects  Net Wt. 5g e

Allergies: Insects are closely related to shellfish, if you have a crustacean allergy you may be allergic to this product. Packed in a factory that handles nuts.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. For best quality, once opened consume immediately. (Contains one moisture absorber and one oxygen absorber for freshness which are not to be consumed).

Farmed in Thailand.

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