Edible Ants 5g
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Edible Ants 5g Edible Ants 5g Edible Ants 5g

Edible Ants 5g

£ 6.99

We won’t spin a yarn about these weavers! Useless at making jumpers, but a terrifically tasty snack for any party, or just to enjoy on your own. Known to casual acquaintances by their posh name of Oecophylla, but friends like you can call them Weaver Ants, they are farmed way up in those trees where they create their nests by – yes – weaving them into branches and leaves. Only a few of these nests are carefully selected for harvest in any one season. This is carried out just before they would otherwise swarm, and a collection of the ants, plus their eggs and larvae all combine to produce this awesome snack food. As you’ll see from the picture, they are very delicate and therefore are not perfectly preserved examples – but provide a truly tasty handful. Try them now – our packed pouches each contain 5g and from just £5 each for this truly amazing taste sensation.


Ingredients: Dehydrated insects  Net Wt. 5g e

Allergies: Insects are closely related to shellfish, if you have a crustacean allergy you may be allergic to this product. Packed in a factory that handles nuts.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. For best quality, once opened consume immediately. (Contains one moisture absorber and one oxygen absorber for freshness which are not to be consumed).

Farmed in Thailand.

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