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Are you looking for unique products for your home décor store? Do you need displays for an exhibit at a natural history museum or wildlife park? With wholesale framed butterfly discounts available, Natural History Direct can help you with your bulk purchases so you save money on all of your butterfly and entomology needs. With new stock being added daily, large wholesale discount and free shipping internationally on orders over £50, we are a leading choice for butterfly home décor.

Stunning Framed Butterflies
All of the butterfly picture and framed butterfly specimen displays that we offer on our website are carefully sourced from sustainable farms and are carefully mounted in handcrafted frames. We offer a wide range of wholesale butterflies to choose from including famous butterflies such as the Monarch to unique exotic species like the Giant Blue Morpho. Additionally, we have a wide range of assorted frames that contain multiple butterflies in a single display which are a great fit for museum and wildlife park displays.

Discounts For Any Industry
Our wholesale rates are designed to help anyone in a professional industry save money on butterfly specimens and framed displays. Our wholesale butterflies provide discounts for:
- Small businesses such as home décor and gift shops that need affordable, unique products.
- The wholesale discounts are perfect for online ecommerce store re-sellers.
- Our professional butterfly taxidermy is suitable for any type of natural history museum display.
- Or anyone else that wants to save on butterfly home décor.

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Whether you need butterfly picture stock for your gift shop, stunning displays for an exhibit, or any other type of bulk order, our wholesale butterflies give you the quality dried specimens you need at very low rates. For your wholesale discount codes, simply sign up for our mailing list using the form above and you will instantly receive a promo code for 40% off of your wholesale purchase. With free shipping internationally, you won’t find quality framed butterflies at wholesale prices anywhere else. is the only place we know of that's solely dedicated to providing the best natural history home decor online.

We're a small online shop that specializes in Entomology & Butterfly Home Decor, entomology is the scientific study of insects.